8 of the best UK salvage retailers


More consumers than ever before want to furnish their homes in sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways, and this often includes using recycled materials.

Organisations like GreenChoices are helping Britons to become educated on “eco living” and salvage retailing has also seen a record amount of business. They provide customers with unique and striking pieces that have been reused or refurbished at a range of price points.


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Below are some of the best you will find in the UK.

Yew Tree Barn

This Cumbrian-based business not only has breathtaking ironmongery and reclaimed items, it has an art gallery and restaurant for visitors too.

ARC Reclamation

The people at ARC are perhaps especially well-known for the excellent advice they give on restorations of vintage desks, fixtures, and cast iron baths. If you want to try your hand and get inspired, view a cast iron bath here.


A particularly respected and knowledgeable business that is regularly staffed with history of art graduates, prepare to find a hidden gem here at a slightly higher price point than average.


With a passionate owner and a variety of garden antiques as well as home furniture available, Mongers has rapidly become known to collectors for its wide range of items and the use of local experts for restoration and repairs.


This enormous business is located within a charming repurposed pub, and also features an online catalogue for potential customers to browse. As a result, clientele may be from far and wide, so be prepared to ring well in advance or visit to avoid disappointment. Items can go quickly, and may be one of a kind.

Retrouvius Reclamation and Design

Well known for a discerning collection that favours quality over quantity, this London-based business began in Glasgow. It became instantly popular for its quirky finds and also offers an interior design service. The owners’ backgrounds are in architecture.

Masco Salvage

This business has made a name for itself not just with its wide selection of both interiors and building materials such as timber, tiles and more, but also for its on-site shop that produces replicas of the industry’s most popular items.

Cox’s Architectural Salvage Yard

One of the nation’s largest salvage yards, Cox’s has the impressive selection that you might expect and also a well-maintained website that is perfect for perusing new arrivals.

Nuisance insects were on the increase this summer

Throughout the warm summer months this year, experts recorded increasing numbers of complaints about troublesome insects. Compared to the same period last year, reports of ants have risen by 73 per cent, while wasps have increased by 39 per cent and flies have risen by 30 per cent.


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It is thought that the mild conditions throughout last winter contributed to these higher-than-normal levels. Flies increased due to better-than-normal survival of pupae and early hatching in the warmer spring. Likewise, the warmer temperatures allowed more ants to survive the winter in their underground nests. Wasps had a longer breeding season well into the autumn, so more offspring were created.

Nuisance in the home that needs to be managed

If these nuisance insects would keep to themselves, we wouldn’t see them as much of a problem. However, they enter homes in search of food and make a nuisance of themselves. Improving levels of hygiene around the home and putting food out of their way once it has been used is a sure way of reducing the number of household attacks. Not only are pests a nuisance, but they may also be a health risk, so it is important that you take steps to manage the problem if you have one. For more information, see the website of the British Pest Control Association.

When living organisms become pests

All insects, animals and birds have their own place in the ecosystem, but when they become locally abundant and start to enter our homes, we refer to them as pests and they need to be controlled or removed. Rats, mice and even foxes are examples of mammals that can cause havoc around the home. Birds can also cause problems when their numbers increase and they become habituated to humans. Nuisance bird management becomes particularly important in built-up areas, where their corrosive fouling can accumulate and cause damage in addition to being unsightly. This fouling may also attract other problematic pests, such as flies and bacteria. There are companies that can help with the control of problem insects, birds and mammals, such as http://www.vvenv.co.uk/.

Pest control companies can help you to remove pests in an efficient and appropriate manner, either through extermination or management practices. In the end, this is often the most effective and cheapest way to solve this type of problem.

Building Websites for Clubs and Societies

Websites aren’t just the preserve of businesses; all types of organisations can benefit from having an online presence, and that’s equally true of clubs, societies and voluntary groups. Whether you’re focussed on a sport, hobby or local campaign, a website is a useful tool.


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The Basics

Building a website for a club or voluntary body isn’t really that different from building one for a small business. There are some fundamentals you need to get right. The site needs to be easy to navigate, and it also needs to get across the fundamentals of what your organisation is about in a clear and readable style.

It helps if it looks good too and is in line with your existing image, so use any colours, logos or badges that already feature on your existing letterheads, leaflets and other materials. Remember that the site is probably the first contact people who are interested in what you do will have, so you need to make a good impression. In the modern world that also means making sure it’s mobile-friendly.

Member Benefits

Of course, a website isn’t just about attracting new members; it’s a good way of staying in touch with existing ones too. You can use it get out news about meetings, fixture lists and events as well as publicising your successes. Because it can be updated quickly, a website is much more flexible than the traditional printed newsletter.

By linking to membership management systems provided by companies such as http://www.ofec.co.uk/Membership-Management-Systems.aspx, you can also turn your site into a self-service portal. Members can see when their subscriptions expire and even renew online, making the running of the organisation easier and smoother. This can be extended to other areas, such as booking places at events, again making life easier for members and administrators alike.

Getting It Right

Business websites have to comply with certain legal requirements, and although some of these may not apply to voluntary organisations and clubs, there are some things it’s worth getting right.

If you’re taking payments via your site, you need to ensure that it’s secure. Similarly, you need to protect your members’ personal details and ensure you stick to rules on sending unsolicited email by creating opt-in lists. It’s also worth having a privacy policy displayed on your site.

Your decorator wants you to know these things…

When it comes to hiring a decorator or interior designer, people tend to have a lot of misconceptions about the nature of the job. They presume an interior designer will be expensive, one dimensional and rigid in their approach.


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With research from Career Igniter suggesting that the profession is growing at a rate of 19%, it seems interior designers are in demand. If you need help developing your own beautiful house, then here are some ways to get the most out of your decorator or interior designer.


While an interior designer can bring your dreams to life, the initial ideas have to come from you. This is your home after all, and you will have to live with the new design, so communication is invaluable. Pictures, mood boards and prior research can really help you to create a solid foundation, from which your designer can build your new home. Remember they can guide you, but aren’t there to make the big decisions.

Be open

Firms such as http://reliable-remodeler.com/ want to get to know you as a person. The finished project won’t be just about colour schemes and textiles, it will reflect your personality. In order to create a space that is functional and reflective of your needs, your decorator needs to know you and understand your passions, lifestyle and vision.

Be straight about your budget

Designers can work with most budgets, providing that they know their limitations from the off. Be straight with your decorator about your budget and they will either work hard to meet your expectations within it or they will advise if any goals are unrealistic and help you to rethink your ideas.

Trust them

Once you have communicated your ideas it’s important to allow a designer the creative freedom to run with it. After all, that’s why you hired them. Challenging every decision they make will hinder their progress and make the whole process tedious.

Understand the behind the scenes work

Understand that there is a lot of physical and ‘out of hours’ work involved with interior design and decorating. It’s not just about picking colour schemes and shopping for accessories. Be respectful of the hard work involved in the job and you and your designer will have a good chance of developing a mutually beneficial, collaborative relationship.

Be in the know – key facts about chlamydia


About Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, and it affects both men and women. Any sexually transmitted disease can be a cause for concern, but it’s important to remember that chlamydia can easily be treated and cured. If correct treatment is not sought, however, women can experience difficulty getting pregnant in the future.


Chlamydia can be transmitted through vaginal, oral or anal sex. If your sexual partner is male, it is important to remember that you can still be infected if he doesn’t ejaculate.

It’s possible to be infected more than once, so if you have been successfully treated in the past, that doesn’t mean you can’t be infected again in the future.


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Reducing the risk

The BBC reported that a vaccine for chlamydia is currently in development. Until this comes to market, refraining from sexual activity is the only guaranteed way to avoid catching a sexually transmitted disease. Nevertheless, there are ways to lower the risk of transmission, such as using condoms correctly every time you have sexual intercourse or only having unprotected sex with a long-term partner who has been tested for STDs and with whom you are in an agreed monogamous relationship


In the majority of cases, people with chlamydia don’t experience any symptoms. Symptoms may develop many weeks after sexual intercourse with an infected partner, but even when there are no symptoms, the disease could be causing damage.

If you experience any abnormal discharge, pain or burning sensations when urinating, it is important to go see your GP or a professional at a dedicated clinic to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Tests and treatment

You will be asked to provide a urine sample or a swab so a laboratory test can be completed. There are also chlamydia testing kits available from checkurself.org.uk that you can do the test at a time that is most suitable for you.

With the correct treatment, chlamydia is curable. You will need to ensure that you take the full course of medication prescribed to you in order to stop the infection, and be sure to follow the instructions you are given regarding when it will be safe for you to have sex again.

A fridge that is also a speaker?


Fridges are wonderful things. They can keep food fresh and make drinks cooler and more refreshing. Many can create ice to make your drinks even cooler, and some can even help you listen to your favourite tunes.

Wait, what? Fridges don’t help you listen to your favourite songs, do they? Food storage and music aren’t really overlapping areas.

If you think that, then one company disagrees with you if their new invention is any indication. What’s more, the more you think about it the better their idea seems.

For some years, fridges have existed in a dizzying variety of shapes and sizes, from standard domestic fridges to huge commercial refrigeration solutions such as commercial refrigeration by Fridge Freezer Direct. In recent years a number of smart fridges have been developed offering advanced functionality, but this still normally relates to the appliance’s primary purpose of food storage. But now Invoxia, a French consumer electronics specialist, is changing that – and you don’t even need to buy a new fridge if you want to take advantage of their innovation.

How it works

The best part is that the Triby, which is what the company has christened the invention, can be easily fitted to an existing fridge. In fact, it requires no technical knowledge and can be physically fitted in roughly a second (excluding unboxing and setup). This is because Invoxia’s invention has taken the somewhat humble form of possibly the world’s most advanced fridge magnet.


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Basically, it is a wireless Bluetooth speaker in fridge magnet form. Just plonk it on the front of your fridge, and it’s ready to go. It has a fetching, slightly retro design and a 2.9 inch E-Ink display allowing song information to be displayed or Android and iOS to send doodles to the device. It can also stream internet radio or be used to make HD voice calls using an app designed to accompany the device.

In short, just plonking a Triby on the door turns your fridge into a smart fridge with an emphasis on music functionality. Within this niche, it has an impressive range of features that will put many other devices to shame.

Why this makes sense

The idea of turning your fridge into a speaker may seem a little off-the-wall and disconnected from the whole idea of food refrigeration at first. However, the more you think about it, the more sense it seems to make.

Pretty much every home has a fridge. Pretty much all of those are in kitchens, and many are already cluttered with an assortment of semi-forgotten magnets. A lot of people spend a lot of time in their kitchens cooking, eating or just relaxing, and like to listen to the music they love while they do so. So why not make one of those magnets a useful device?

Not only is the fridge readily available, but the front of the door is not usually used as storage for anything but magnets. Even if it’s already pretty much full, it’s unlikely those magnets are too important to be replaced. This means you don’t need to find counter space for a radio or music dock – which may not offer the same level of functionality anyway.

A men’s guide to finding the right fit jeans


As long as they are well-fitting, a pair of jeans can be one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Here are a few tips that will help you to find your perfect pair of jeans.

Consider the occasion

Unlike when buying women’s skinny designer jeans, you don’t need to spend time considering your body shape; instead, think about where you would like to wear your jeans. A tailored fit can be dressed up for formal occasions, whereas a relaxed or classic cut can be worn on a more everyday basis.


As proven by an article in Cosmopolitan, trying on jeans is important to ensure the perfect fit. Men often buy jeans that are a size larger than they actually need. No one wants a pair of jeans with a waistband that feels tight and restrictive, of course, but it can be worth trying on a size smaller. If you can only fit two fingers into the waistband, you have found your perfect fit.

Go skinny

Women have praised the skinny jean for years, with many styles available from a variety of retailers such as http://www.cuba-clothing.com/womens/jeans.html. Men’s skinny jeans are often associated with hipsters, but this doesn’t have to be the case. If you have always worn a boot cut, try a pair of straight cut jeans and see how you feel. A slim fitting pair of jeans can look sleek and sophisticated.

The stretch factor

Different pairs of jeans will have differing amounts of elastane or another stretchy material blended with the denim. The more elastane, the stretchier and more comfortable a pair of jeans is going to be.


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Worn casually during the day or dressed up with a shirt and tie for an evening out, it is hard to go wrong with a pair of dark blue or black denim jeans. These are so versatile.


There are so many different jean styles available, from coloured denim to distressed knees, and sometimes it is fun to experiment. During the summer, try rolling up your jeans and pairing them with a striped T-shirt and a pair of boat shoes. For the winter, a forest green or burgundy pair can be the perfect addition to your festive wardrobe.

Latest UK investment figures in solar PV


Although solar subsidies were recently cut by the government, solar power is still proving popular; in fact, it was revealed in April this year that the sun provided more electricity to the UK from photovoltaic panels than the amount produced by coal-fired plants over 24 hours for the first time ever.

Energy revolution

The world of energy is being revolutionised by the move away from fossil fuels and towards cleaner power in a bid to combat global warming.

As governments tighten regulations and costs surrounding coal and offer incentives for renewable energies, the number of installations of solar PV continues to rise. Solar panels are 80 per cent cheaper today than they were five years ago and the fall in product prices has led to massive growth. The Department of Energy and Climate Change said that 49 per cent of total EU investment in solar PV in 2015 was in the UK.

Official figures

According to the latest solar photovoltaic capcity deployment report, overall solar PV capacity was at 10,799MW at the end of July 2016 – an increase of 29 per cent compared with the same month last year.

This capacity was spread across 892,817 installations, with 50 per cent of the total installed solar PV capacity (5,403MW) at large-scale installations above 5MW. Smaller-scale 0-4KW installations accounted for 23 per cent (2,450MW), according to the report, while 53 per cent of the capacity (5,669MW) was from standalone or ground-mounted installations.

The largest increase occurred in March (884MW), with 60 per cent of this increase (531MW) seen in large-scale installations.


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Time to invest

It is a great time to invest in solar panels, whatever your needs. You can improve your home’s energy rating and get paid to generate your own power, saving money while helping the environment.

If installing solar panels in Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO) lets you claim certificates for every megawatt hour generated, which can then be sold to suppliers.

As the solar industry is so fast moving, it is still unclear how much it could benefit the UK economy in future; however, the development of large-scale solar PV capacity will lead to a rise in employment and profits due to to the value of the electricity generated, even with the costs of running installations deducted.

How the Right Type of Pallet Rack Will Make Your Warehouse Run Better

How the Right Type of Pallet Rack Will Make Your Warehouse Run Better

New industry research and discussions have shown that the storage systems chosen by managers and logistics operators within their warehouses can affect overall performance. With a wide variety of storage systems and pallet racking available, many companies are now emphasising the selection of racks that are appropriate for their warehouses. It has been suggested that appropriate and effective storage maximises the business’s output, efficiency, and safety.

How the Right Type of Pallet Rack Will Make Your Warehouse Run Better

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Choosing an Appropriate System

For some warehouses, the storage system is already physically built into the business. It’s known as structural storage, where the entire warehouse is a rack-supported building, and pallet racks are incorporated into the building itself and perform the function of vertical I-beams. The advantage of this system may be that no extraneous space is used around the warehouse, but many managers find that a lack of accessibility to higher shelves may cause them to underestimate or overestimate stock.

The advantage of selective pallet rack systems, where pallets and racking systems are chosen specifically and outside the specifications of the structure of the building, is that they can provide quick and convenient access to stock. This has been noted as especially important when turnover may be rapid and stock may need to be quickly replenished.

Storage Systems You Can Rely On

Many businesses have commented on the importance of choosing a reputable and reliable storage provider who can understand their specific needs. Businesses requiring pallet racking in Ireland, for example, may choose duffydiscount or another experienced provider to ensure their needs are respected and met. The BBC news recently reported on a faulty metal racking system that collapsed in a warehouse, causing a lengthy rescue operation for an unfortunate worker trapped underneath. For all responsible businesses, where the safety of their workers and the security of their facilities is paramount, safe and appropriate storage selections are more important than ever.

Solutions and Considerations

Effective racking and pallet systems can maximise a business’s storage capacity and ensure that products are secure and manageable. As a result, a business can operate at its optimum level and ensure all stock is visible, accounted for and easy to replenish. Businesses seeking storage solutions have been encouraged to contact reputable and experienced storage providers who are confident they can meet their individual needs.

A year on from the FDA’s approval of the ‘female viagra’

A year on from the FDA's approval of the 'female viagra'

It has been just over one year since Addyi, known to scientists as flibanserin, or more commonly as “female Viagra” was approved by the FDA. It is a drug that has been courting controversy since the beginning, and in the time since, its availability has failed to make the expected impact on the market. But just what is Addyi and why has it had such a troubled history?

A year on from the FDA's approval of the 'female viagra'

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An Addyi Overview

Addyi is a prescription pill that is non-hormonal and is used for the treatment of women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). These women suffer from low sexual desire, no matter what the type of sexual activity, situation or partner, and it is not related to either medical, mental or drug use problems.

Addyi Restrictions

It is important to bear in mind that Addyi is not used to improve sexual performance and should only be used by women who are yet to go through menopause. Addyi should also not be used in conjunction with alcohol consumption at all, as this can result in low blood pressure and fainting. While it has been called the “female Viagra,” Addyi differs from Viagra as it is supposed to be taken every day and not on an as-needed basis.

A Cause To Celebrate?

While a drug that can treat HSDD might sound like a cause to celebrate, there are many who believe that medication might not be the best solution. The divisiveness around Addyi once again highlights the importance of clinical staffing solutions companies, such as http://www.gandlscientific.com/ during clinical trials. For example, during the initial trials, it was reported that a number of women experienced an improvement in the amount of satisfying sexual experiences they had per month. However, it also uncovered side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, tiredness and difficulty falling asleep among other symptoms.

The controversy around the approval of Addyi has prompted the FDA to publish an essay in The New England Journal of Medicine to explain their side of the matter. They also explained how seriously they took safety concerns and how follow-up studies were ordered.

Although Addyi has failed to live up to expectations, many were expecting a wonder drug that could cure relationship problems instead of simply libido problems. What the future holds for this medication still remains to be seen.

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