Malaria Treatment

Malaria Treatment

The recent rainy weather is the favorable environment for the growth of mosquito, which subsequently leads to many other diseases, notably malaria. Although there has been no specific medical malaria treatment. You can prevent them by having good hygiene, consuming various types of foods for a healthy immunity.

Malaria Treatment

I highly recommend a nutritious diet for eliminating the risk of malaria. The list below includes the “should eat” foods for a better protection from this dangerous disease:

1. Ginger

One of the common and well-known treatments for malaria is ginger. Ginger can easily access a large number of tropical regions and serve as a powerful decoction to strengthen the immunity and aid in recovering the process from being infected. Both ginger and its own active ingredients act as the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents in the body that allow it to become one of the most natural and effective home remedies for malaria.

How to apply:

Chop the ginger into small slices.
Add three tablespoon of raisins.
Boil the decoction in a cup of water till it reduces to half of the amount.
Let it cool and drink the decoction.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is widely known as another impressive help on how to treat malaria naturally. It deals with malaria symptoms, including a headache, fever, and diarrhea. Cinnamon, which is loaded with a cinnamaldehyde, anti – inflammatory properties, has been associated with a decrease in malaria painful symptoms.

How to apply:

Add powdered cinnamon to honey and pepper powder in equal amounts.
Boil the solution in a glass of water.
Consume this solution regularly.

3. Lime and Lemon

Grabbing lime and lemon is considered as one of the valuable helps on how to treat malaria naturally. It can help reduce malaria fever.

How to apply:

Add a few drops of lime to the juice extracted from a lemon.
Place the mixture in a cup of water before drinking.

4. Alum

Before used as another effective help on how to treat malaria naturally, alum needs to be prepared in dried, powered and roasted form. You can consume one teaspoon of this powder 4 hours before of an expected fever and a half of teaspoon 2 hours after the fever attack. This treatment aids in reducing the symptoms of malaria naturally that cause discomfort to most people.

They are among wonderful foods for inhibiting malaria. You can visit the page Authority Remedies to discover more about the definition of malaria. Its symptoms, causes as well as many other awesome foods for this disease.

Wish you all healthy!

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